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How to Play Riptide on the Guitar

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How to Play Riptide on the Guitar – step by step chords. Watch the full video below.

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Acoustic Guitar Buying Tips

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You will find an array of acoustic guitar brands as you shop for a quality guitar for your music career or hobby. Each brand is differentiated from the next by the by characteristics, such as material, design, sounds, and style. With the different acoustic guitar brands available in the market, buyers ought to make informed decisions to avoid buying a brand that will not suit their musical needs.

Acoustic Guitar

Identify your goals and budget
You might easily get lost in all the acoustic guitar brands if you do not set clear goals and a realistic budget. You should identify your style of playing, such as light strummer, folksy, heavy strummer, bluesy, and fingerpicker. Additionally, buyers should be clear on what they will use the acoustic guitar for, such as for fun, recording, or live performances. You can also narrow down your choice of acoustic guitar brand by determining the amount of money that you plan to spend as well as how much you are willing to save.

Acoustic guitar body styles
Acoustic guitars have different body styles, such as jumbo, classic, and dreadnought. The exact size of the body styles varies between brands. For instance, the body style of Taylor acoustic guitar is known as auditorium style while the Martin guitar is known as their 00 or 000 series. You will choose the specific body style based on your intentions for buying the acoustic guitar. For instance, a classic body style produces a medium sound projection and an overall balance between mid, hi and low frequencies. It also makes a perfect strumming guitar, and it is preferred by most guitarists who fingerpick. The dreadnought body style produces a richer bass response as compared to the classic style. The jumbo style acoustic guitars are popular with performing artists because they wear it with a strap.

About tonewoods and other woods
The type of guitar used to manufacture acoustic guitar brands varies depending on the manufacturer. Besides the body style, the type of wood used to make an acoustic guitar significantly affects the guitar sounds. Different woods vibrate differently, which explains why some, acoustic guitars sound darker or brighter than others. Therefore, you need to choose the right tone wood type to suit the purpose of your guitar.

Acoustic guitar pickups and electronics
You will want to consider the electronics that will enable your acoustic guitar to be amplified if you plan on plugging it into a PA or sound system. You will be surprised to realize that you will save a few dollars by buying a guitar with already installed electronics. However, if you want a different pickup than the one on your acoustic guitar brands, you can opt on buying one without electronics then you purchase the pickup and have it installed. Guitar pickups are available in different types including the electromagnetic sound hole, contact, and microphone pickup.

Do not forget personal preference
Finally, you should not assume the importance of buying an acoustic guitar that you like. Select one that makes you feel comfortable, whether you are standing or sitting. Additionally, select an acoustic guitar that responds to how you play so that the music pleases your ears.